Still Life

Originally posted on Karen Lee Kleis:
I ran across an article not too long ago that talked about people who are happier living alone. These are not people who hate other people. They have close friendships. They even have intimate, sometimes romantic, relationships. But at the end of the day, they prefer to go home…

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Once Upon a Train…

Originally posted on Karen Lee Kleis:
The train slowly gathered speed as it pulled away from the station. The sound of the wheels rattling against the tracks was something she found soothing. It established a kind of rhythm that, at least momentarily, drew her thoughts away from what she was leaving behind. From what had…

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Flower Child

Originally posted on Karen Lee Kleis:
My original concept for this self-portrait was more of a hippy-dippy-let-your-inner-child-free-to-romp thing. Then this last week happened. More young black men gunned down by police for no apparent reason, police officers falling victim to sniper fire in Dallas, the ongoing BLM protests amid hyperbolic and untrue rhetoric about their…

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Originally posted on Karen Lee Kleis:
When I was child, I remember having a great deal of freedom. I don’t mean that just in the sense of being able to spend a lot of time reading or wandering through the woods across the road from our house. I also mean it in the sense that…

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Bagging It

Originally posted on Karen Lee Kleis:
“I have all these bags,” she says. “From all these places.” We are sitting in the courtyard outside the Zenlight Coffee Shop, enjoying the morning sun and sipping our coffee drinks. Mine is an Americano, hot water and espresso. Hers is fancier, flavored syrup with espresso and lots of…

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Originally posted on Karen Lee Kleis:
The mockingbird’s song clinks and slides against the glass, rebuffed by retreat into each cloistered night. Peace lurks like a ghost in shrouded corners of light. Tears shatter like delicate shells left behind by strange, liquid creatures now gone to ground. Mornings will come in scattered wisps of light,…

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