Flickr Wednesday: Daniel Arrhakis

Thank you to my great friend and Artist Robert Goldstein for the honor of be the Flickr Wednesday Artist in his site ! My best regards and a special thank you ! : ) Please visit his page on Flickr :

Art by Rob Goldstein

Daniel Arrhakis writes:

I am a Digital Artist from Portugal.

Many of my images are about mystic persons and my themes are Gothic and Surrealist.

My works have simple messages about our Actual World or Spiritual World and each work expresses a story of my adventures in the Ancient Kingdoms and Old Scenes that I love to create.

Or perhaps they are memories of other lives.

My art on Flickr :

My art in Fine Art America

The Enigma Of Magdalene

The Old Guardian Of The Mountain

The Seven Monks Of Tarthyohr

Mystic Storm

Apocalyptic Metamorphosis II – The Corruption Of Faith

Eden Last Visitor

Hidden Mysteries

Arrhakis Symbols And Photo

The Temple

The Awake Of Darkness

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